Thinking of You Week Greeting Card Giveaway in Kings Cross

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Inspiration

For Day Four of Thinking of You Week the GCA was out and about in a busy square between King’s Cross/St Pancras stations for the day.

The GCA stall was set up in a lovely tree lined area, decorated with Union flag bunting, trays with over a thousand gorgeous cards to give away (provided by GCA members) pens kindly donated by Zebra Pen and lots of lovely ToYW leaflets, kindly printed by Windles.

Sharon Little, GCA CEO said, ‘The reaction was overwhelmingly positive from everyone, we literally had people jumping up and down with happiness! Everyone we met loved the idea of sending cards to others to show they care and to create the wave of love and happiness. The only thing they couldn’t quite get their heads around was that the cards were totally free!

“We were told so many amazing stories about the people they were sending their cards to and the square was filled with people sitting on the benches writing their cards. I’m feeling really joyful thinking of all the people who will be receiving their cards over the next few days!”

Here’s what some of the people we met said about the Week:

“I am a fanatical card sender – and so just love this idea,” commented Emily (aged 32) who was there with her mum Rachel. “All my friends are always saying I must be Scribbler’s best customer.”

Mum Rachel added: “We communicate with each other by sending cards, I even sent one to Emily to say how much I was looking forward to meeting up with her today.
I still have the recording of Emily, aged six, on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour when she made her feelings known that everyone should send thank you cards!”

Naomi: “This is wonderful. I am going to send a card to a supportive friend who has always been there for me, and some to older people who knit things for the charity I am part of.”

“I am from Sweden and have a friend who works for Pictura so we often talk about the importance of sending cards, but this is a really lovely idea,” said Kerstin who was in London to meet up with her daughter Annsofi. “I am going to write one to a friend in Doncaster that we do not see very often.”

Lydia (wearing sunglasses). “I am lucky to have lots of friends, but when you are working you sometimes feel you are too busy to send them cards – but we should. Ideas like this will prompt me to do so.”

Aleketa Xhafa Mripa is an artist from Kosovo who was en route to a meeting at the Tate to discuss an art installation. “I have created a huge art installation entitled Thinking of You, about sexual violence, featuring 5,000 dresses in a football stadium that I hope to bring to the UK. While sending greeting cards is not part of the Kosovan culture I will definitely be sending some now.”

A group of students from the Netherlands left catching their train to the last moment so they could make their card selections. “This makes us all realise how much more personal sending cards is compared to text messages or social media posts,” said one.

“Wow, what a great idea. I am going to send my cards to friends that I haven’t seen for a while,” said Anna.

“I was just saying to my friend on the way here how much I love receiving cards as I have just received a text from my flatmate to say a card has arrived for me. I noticed the Thinking of You postmark on the card the Mum has just sent me, but didn’t know what it was all about – but I do now!” – said Niamh.

“As a dancer who travels the world I am fortunate to be offered accommodation and support from all sorts of different people. I am going to use my Thinking of You Week cards to say thank you to some of these people who have helped me along the way.” – Kallum

“Although I am from Cuba I work for Palace Magazine in Madrid which celebrates everything to do with design. This is a fantastic movement that will spread happiness. I am going to take the flyers back with me and try and launch it in Spain and write about your voluntary kindness in the magazine” – Veronica

“Cards are so great to let someone know they are cared for. My cousin has gone through a hard time recently so I will be sending my card to her.” Lissil from Ireland.

“What a great idea this is. If I have cards I do send them. You have made me want to send more.” Aaron, a student.