Get Involved: Retailers

An opportunity for retailers not to be missed!

As an industry we all know that sending and receiving cards has huge emotional benefits. Cards are a deeply embedded cultural tradition, that keep people connected. Thinking of You Week is a great opportunity for us to sing about our industry and, with our aim of creating a wave of love caring and happiness, work together to promote the benefits of card sending.

On this page we’ve listed some ideas and inspiration on how to take part during the week.

Ideas and inspiration for Publishers

Make a display
Make a Thinking of You Week card display instore, using the branding and pulling together your best selling blank and everyday occasions cards such as friendship, get well, thank you and of course thinking of you!
Use the Thinking Of You Week branding

Use our lovely Thinking of You Week branding and your most colourful cards to create a window display.

Organise a competition

Organise a card designing competition with your local school, make a window display of the competition entries during the week, print the winning designs as a prize.

Collaborate with related businesses

Collaborate with a local coffee shop on a card-writing event, if you have your own coffee shop instore – even better!

Encourage customers to write

Create a special card-writing bower, or table where customers can write their cards.


Use the template Thinking of You Week event poster to flag up your event.

Don't forget your website

Flag up Thinking of You Week on your website’s home page.

Tell the Press
Tell your community of customers and friends what you’re planning. Send details to the local papers and radio with some photos, and let people know how to contact you to get involved.
Get social - Sharing is caring!

Get social – post and tweet like crazy in the lead up to and during the week!

and connect with us here:

Don't forget our Toolkit!

Our Thinking Of You Week Toolkit contains a beautiful new banner, flyer and event poster, new retailer and consumer handouts, as well as social media cover images and email sign offs. We’ve also updated our list of local press contacts, and will be adding a new template press release soon to help you publicise your Thinking of You Week initiative that we’re very keen for you to organise!