About Thinking Of You Week

‘Send a card,

deliver a smile’

19th to 25th September 2022

Thinking of You Week is a special week that harnesses the emotional power of greeting cards to create a wave of love, caring and happiness.

Sending handwritten cards generates positive feelings and wellbeing. Science has shown that receiving a handwritten card creates a lovely warm positive boost.

The fact that you have spent the time to make or choose a card, write it, and send it makes the person receiving it feel far more special and cared for than receiving instant texts, emails or other social media messages.

Cards are displayed in the home and many are kept for years, providing a reminder of the person that has sent it and of your relationship with them.

Everyone is welcome to get involved in Thinking of You Week, writing and sending cards whether handcrafted or bought, and helping to promote sending cards as the best way to show how much we care about others.

There will be Thinking of You Events up and down the country, in schools, communities and local shops. Why not organise a card-writing event in your local area? We have a free toolkit  to help you get involved.

Thinking Of You Week is brought to you by the Greeting Card Association

The Greeting Card Association, GCA, is the trade body for the British greeting card community. An independent not-for-profit organisation owned by its members, it provides help, advice, support, specialist resources and membership services.

The GCA has over 450 members, comprising of publishers, retailers and specialist suppliers. It has been the voice of the greeting card industry since 1919.

The British Greeting Card Industry

We are a community of artists, publishers, writers, printers, and others, all with one thing in common – we love cards. We also have a number of comedians within our community –humour is an important way of showing emotion too.

Yes it’s our livelihoods but we also all send cards ourselves, because sending a card is a lovely way to stay in touch and show you care. And we all love receiving cards too!

The cards we design are created with the thought of the person who will receive it in mind, because we all want to send a card with the right image and message for the person we are choosing it for; the card we send our grandma will be different from the one we’d choose for a friend.

A card says something about our relationship with that person, which is why receiving a card brings such a powerful connection.

We come together through the Greeting Card Association, an independent not-for-profit trade association founded in 1919 and owned by its members. The GCA supports nearly 500 businesses of all sizes within our community, and is also the voice for our industry.


The British have a long relationship with cards, the first card was sent in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole, founder of the Victoria and Albert Museum; and we’ve been sending them ever since.

Cards sending really took off in Britain after the two World Wars, during which they had played a key part in keeping loved ones in touch. We still send more cards per person than any other nation, and we also lead the world in innovation and design – greeting cards created by British designers are exported all over the world.

The GCA launched Thinking of You Week in 2014. It now takes place at the end of September every year.  This event is designed to harness the emotional power of cards, to create a wave of love, caring and happiness around the world, by encouraging everyone to send cards to different people during the week. 

This British GCA initiative has now spread to the US and Australia and has encouraged more and more people to use the power of a greeting card to connect with loved ones just to say thinking  of you, share an image or a joke, cheer someone up, or just say ‘hello’.

#CardToKeep Campaign

To celebrate the Greeting Card Association’s 100th Anniversary in 2019 we collected together cards that had been send within the last 100 years and the stories behind them.

We received wonderful stories about cards that had been treasured. Beautiful cards that gave a real insight into relationships of grandparents and others, often people no longer with us, and a view into our social history.

This was also a really powerful way for card designers to see the impact of their work. The GCA is now working on a digital greeting card archive of these cards.

To share the story behind a card you have kept, or inherited, share on instagram #cardtokeep, #gca100, #sendacarddeliverasmile or email us at hello@gca.cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thinking Of You Week?
Thinking of You Week is a special week of greeting card sending, designed to create a wave of love caring and happiness. It’s really special to receive a card with a lovely handwritten message, especially when it comes out of the blue!
When is Thinking of You Week?

Thinking of You Week is an annual event, taking place in the last week of September. Scroll to the top of this website to see the dates for the current year.

Who can get involved?

Everyone! It’s really special thing to take the time to think of other people and write your feelings in a card. This will mean so much the lucky recipients of the cards.

Can I make the cards myself?

Yes! You can make or buy the cards.

We're a charity. Can we get involved?
Yes! There is plenty of scope for charities and community organisations to get involved, particularly those working on loneliness or mental health issues. Feel free to use our free branded toolkit or create your own.
We also have sections on this website for schools, publishers and retailers – but this event isn’t limited to these groups!
How do I take part?
It can be as simple as just sending cards during the week! Or you can organise a card sending or card-making event.

The Thinking of You Week toolkit has lots of ideas and inspiration for taking part. If you’re organising an event, remember to let us know what you’re up to and take photos so we can publicise for you!

Isn’t this just a way for your industry to sell more cards?
You can make your cards, buy them or send the ones that you’ve had tucked away in a dusty drawer for years – we don’t mind! We just know that it feels great to receive them!