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Thinking Of You Week in the Classroom

Thinking of You Week is an event which promotes actively thinking of others, expressing our caring natures and spreading positivity. The aim of the week is to create a wave of love, caring and happiness by making or choosing cards and writing positive messages to different people.

A handwritten card has been shown to have far greater emotional impact than any form of e-communication. As cards are displayed in the home, they also provide a lasting reminder of the sender and of the positive message written inside, reinforcing a state of well-being.

Writing a card actively promotes empathy, helps with emotional communication and conveys the value of doing something special for others, as well as being a fun way to practice handwriting!

Ideas and inspiration for school activities

Cards for classmates
Each child writes their name on a piece of paper, these are all put in a ‘hat’ and each pupil makes a card and writes a positive message for the classmate whose name is drawn. Children then talk about how it feels to write and receive the positive messages in the cards.
Express gratitude

Expressing gratitude: Make or write cards to thank ‘unsung heroes’ in the local community, eg lollipop ladies, friendly shop keepers, local police or firemen.

Team Up
Team up with a local care home, children’s hospital ward, charity or even a school in another part of British or abroad.

Encourage the children to enjoy writing, and maybe designing, a card and also hopefully receiving one back!

“..when we practice writing it can improve composition, expression and may even aid fine motor-skill development. Because the physical movement of hand writing engages and helps the brain to learn.” Dr Lynda Shaw

Involve the whole school

Bring the whole school together to make and write cards.

Contact us to link with local greeting card companies

The Greeting Card Association is a not-for-profit trade association that works to promote and protect greeting card sending, we developing Thinking of You Week to share the joy of card sending. Our members are all passionate about card sending, if you’d like to be connected to a local greeting card company please contact us.  

To learn more about the benefits sending and receiving cards, see our Psychology of sending cards blog

Read about our inspiring schools project – linking children in the UK and Ghana

To celebrate Thinking of You Week in 2022 the GCA connected over 9,000 children in the UK and Ghana! Read about our schools project.

Don't forget our Toolkit!

Our Thinking Of You Week Toolkit contains a beautiful new banner, flyer and event poster, new retailer and consumer handouts, as well as social media cover images and email sign offs. We’ve also updated our list of local press contacts, and will be adding a new template press release soon to help you publicise your Thinking of You Week initiative that we’re very keen for you to organise!