Thinking Of You Week 2023!

Who are you thinking of? Sending and receiving cards creates a personal connection that creates a sense of well-being. It could be just to say hello, send a hug or share a joke. Join in and send cards to your friends and loved ones. Visit our Gallery to find beautiful cards to say Thinking of You.

Our next Thinking of You Week starts on 18th September 2023

18th September to 24th September 2023

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Thinking Of You Week. Every Week.

Thinking of You Week is a special week that harnesses the emotional power of greeting cards to create a wave of love, caring and happiness.
Sending and receiving handwritten notes and cards can have a positive impact on our well-being and mental health.
Connect with your loved ones, friends, and acquaintances by sending a card, handmade or carefully chosen. To say thank you, thinking of you, or just because.

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The importance of human connection

The importance of human connection

A lovely story about the joy of sending cards, by Devon based publisher Redback Cards: "At Redback, we believe in the importance of human connection, in uniting together in joy and in recognising that, if you can’t laugh in the face of adversity, you’re done for!"...

The Psychology of Sending Greetings Cards

The Psychology of Sending Greetings Cards

Guest post By Dr Emma Lawrence, Illustrator & Owner Emma Lawrence Designs. Following a successful career as a Clinical Neuropsychologist, Emma now publishes greetings cards, as well as undertaking commissions and licensing her designs for home and giftware. ...


Take a look at our gallery of fabulous Thinking of You Week Greeting Cards!

Brought to you by the UK Greeting Card Industry

Us Brits, we love a good card. In fact, we’re the world leaders in greeting cards, sending more cards per person than any other country! The UK leads the way in this highly creative industry. Our cards are sentimental, poetic, hilarious, topical, rude, religious, for mum, for brother, for teachers, for sweethearts, for every occasion and sometimes for no occasion at all – just because we want to say that we’re thinking of you!

When Sir Henry Cole created the first ever Christmas card, he may not have realised that he’d created the first ever Social Media. A social media that transcends social distancing. A social media that evokes emotions and memories like no other. A timeless social media, accessible to all.

So who are you thinking of? Send them a card, deliver a smile.

Get Involved with Thinking of You Week

We’ve pulled together lots of resources to help retailers, publishers and schools get involved with Thinking Of You Week. Our toolkit is packed with downloadable materials to help you . Together we can create a wave of happiness by sending greeting cards!