What’s Better Than One Video? Two Videos!

by | Sep 24, 2016 | News

Hot on the heels of the UK Greetings video, Hallmark has also just released a video for Thinking of You Week, with a supporting study showing that two-thirds of people (66%) think a handwritten card or letter shows the most thought when it comes to sharing an emotional message.

While it might be more convenient, only 9% of people enjoy receiving an appreciative email and just 8% think a soppy text message is the most touching method. Unsurprisingly to people who love cards, social media lags far behind with just 2% of the people questioned saying they most prefer getting an emotional tweet or Facebook message about how much they mean to someone.

The same survey also shows that over half of Brits (58%) do not tell people in their life they are thinking of them on a regular basis. In fact, the study reveals that the average person last told a loved one they are important to them over six months ago. Sadly, 16% of Brits have never told a loved one they are thinking of them – with 11% of these people men and 5% of them women.

Let’s help change all that by spending a little time to show we care shall we?