Greeting Card Giveaway Day – The Photos!

by | Sep 30, 2016 | News

For Day Four of Thinking of You Week the GCA was out and about in a busy square between King’s Cross/St Pancras stations for the day.

The GCA stall was set up in a lovely tree lined area, decorated with Union flag bunting, trays with over a thousand gorgeous cards to give away provided by GCA members. happy-2

Sharon Little, GCA CEO said, ‘The reaction was overwhelmingly positive from everyone, we literally had people jumping up and down with happiness! Everyone we met loved the idea of sending cards to others to show they care and to create the wave of love and happiness. The only thing they couldn’t quite get their heads around was that the cards were totally free!


“We were told so many amazing stories about the people they were sending their cards to and the square was filled with people sitting on the benches writing their cards. I’m feeling really joyful thinking of all the people who will be receiving their cards over the next few days!”