Millennials In Holland Embrace Card Sending During Covid-19

by | Apr 28, 2020 | News

Good things do come out of adversity as is currently being proven in Holland on the greeting card front where Millennials are embracing card sending like never before. 

What is happening in the Netherlands echoes the pattern in the UK and the US with 18-24 year olds sending more cards than the previous generation. (The last year, according to the research findings from America’s postal operator, USPS, has seen an encouraging increase in 44 million more greeting cards being posted than in the year previous, with Gen Y (those born between 1981 and 1996) clocked as the major demographic group driving this upturn.

Sharing the news from Amsterdam, Peter Tijink, managing director of greeting card publisher and distributor, The Art Group NL, said: “It is incredible. Greeting card sales have soared 170%-180% across the Dutch market since Covid-19 struck – and the majority of this increase has been down to Millennials wanting to connect with their grandparents and each other at a time when they are being discouraged from meeting in person.”  

While, in common with the UK, bars, restaurants, schools and cinemas are closed and people are being encouraged to stay at home, all shops are able to open if they wish – and those selling cards, especially in the smaller towns and city suburbs are doing a roaring trade, from customers respecting a 1.5metre social distancing guideline. 

“Many of our retail customers are trading well, Hallmark’s online operation is up 500% and our postal operator (Post NL) has also confirmed that is seeing bumper postbags of cards. What is so great is that the bulk of the sales are coming from young people, who have suddenly, it seems, seen the merit in card sending and are all proudly sharing their card purchases as well as those they have received on Facebook which helps to further perpetuate it,” says Peter runs and owns The Art Group NL, together with his wife Melanie. The company’s wide portfolio includes designs published under licence from UK card publishers Paper Salad, Belly Button and Paperlink as well as distributing The Art File and Crumble & Core. 

Peter has never been busier ensuring that customers are topped up with cards. “As far as our orders are concerned it is the blank cards that the young people seem to prefer,” reveals Peter. 

Sadly, and not unexpectedly, another area of sales growth has been in sympathy cards.  

“With the number of people attending a funeral currently limited to 25 it means that those who cannot attend are instead sending cards,” says Peter. 

This news item was written by Jakki Brown, editor of Progressive Greetings Worldwide and PG, the GCA’s official publication and industry newsfeed (