Paper Yam invite everyone to ‘Doodle a Thinking of You’ card on instagram!

by | Sep 4, 2021 | News

Paper Yam, whose art greeting cards are influenced by a melting pot of culture, are celebrating Thinking of You Week with a ‘doodle a card’ competition on Instagram.

They are offering 2 free downloadables that can be printed and decorated with a doodle… only this doodle is a personalised doodle to the recipient! The competition is open to all and can be used as a classroom activity in schools.

And it’s not just any doodle… using the letters in T H I N K I N G    O F    Y O U    start an annotated doodle of a memory, a moment, a place that is specific to the person you are sending to.

By the end you will have a beautiful personalised illustrated display which is your unique personalised greeting!

To join and doodle your card to share visit

Winners will receive a card of their choice from Paper Yam’s thinking of you range. You do not have to be an artist just simply hold your loving thoughts and pen them down!

The winner with the most thoughtful doodle will be selected on 30.9.21 and will receive a FREE thinking of you card of their choice from their collection.

Submissions can be emailed to

Or Tag them @paperyamofficial and share your work using the #paperyamlove

Ronisha, owner and creator of Paper Yam is a lover of paper and stationary, reflecting “My favourite thing as a child was getting a brand new Crayola briefcase set every year that came filled with fresh pens and paper! This initiative will hopefully bring the same enjoyment to others”

Ronisha continued “I called my business Paper Yams, as growing up Yams were only seen when shopping with my Nannie (grandma) as they were only found in certain vegetable shops within cultural hubs. Now strolling through supermarkets today, you see a vast array of tropical fruit and veg.”

Yams are thought to symbolise warm and caring relationships, as well as being a staple food in many countries. Paper Yam’s designs combine a love for paper and fostering warm and caring relationships. See designs below, or click here for a link to their website.