Arrthi little spreading a little joy in Winchester and Southampton

by | Aug 18, 2022 | News

Illustration for ‘Thinking of You Week’ campaign

Designer Arrthi Little joins the thinking of you week campaign and creates a new greeting card .

“I am incredibly thrilled to be participating in the ‘Thinking of you week’ campaign and supporting it with my contribution. I think it’s a fantastic campaign as I know how greeting cards can make you feel. I have handed out my cards locally to an independent bookstore in Winchester and the Southampton City Art Gallery. Furthermore I have given them to the Southampton library and will be distributing them across its six branches.”

She came up with this design based on an idea about ‘connecting’.

Arrthi states “I wanted to use window frames as a visual representation to show how greeting cards allow us to physically reach out and connect to one another.  Portraying that feeling of joy for giving and receiving. I have used my own collection of characters from my ‘House of Arrthi’ brand in the design, and featured a few simple patterns. The colour scheme for the windows is based on the ‘Thinking of You Week’ logo, allowing the frames to really pop using those vivid colours.”

Photo of Arrthi and her ‘Cheeky Legends’ characters

As a child and into adulthood, Arrthi has been immersed in the art of drawing. From crayons to paint, elaborate graphics to minimalist colour portraits, she stays true to her signature style ‘Cute Chubby Cheeky’!

“Like photos, I find greeting cards hold the same value and sentiment. Therefore, I design cards that will brighten your day and give you a good giggle.”

Cards have always played a significant role in Arrthi’s life having experienced it from different countries and communities. “I am always thrilled to receive so many wedding invitations and birthday cards as part of a large Sri Lankan family!” she comments.