A lovely #cardtokeep story

by | Sep 15, 2019 | News

Sarah’s shared this card her favourite great aunt Doe sent her from Chester back in 1990 (Doe was in her 80s). She included a letter which was all about the Middle East crisis and the new buildings in Canary Wharf which she wondered if Sarah could see from her home in Kent! Also day-to-day news about putting out the binbags for collection and a chest of drawers that was falling apart. The card itself, by Gordon Fraser, had a message: “Greetings dear Sarah. Just a greeting for Dad & Mum to take to you on their visit this weekend. Hope you all enjoy yourselves. Love Doe. PS This card is priced 7p so you can tell how many years it has been in my card drawer!”

Sarah came across the card in a big box of photos and letters that she was moving to do some decorating. “Both my great aunts – Doe and her older sister Renee – were great card senders and letter writers. They’d both worked for the post office in Chester as telephonists,” said Sarah. “It was a lovely moment when I opened that card and read Doe’s letter and message, all done in her lovely expressive style. My handwriting’s nowhere near as good! It was quite an emotional moment too as although that might not have been the last card or letter she sent me, she died a few years later after losing her sight. It prompted me to think about my childhood – I was an only child and an only grandchild and spent a lot of time with Doe, Renee and their younger sister (my grannie) Adeline. Three sisters living together – you can imagine the arguments! But lots of happy times too. I’ve been telling my own daughter Evie about them, so thank you #cardtokeep for prompting me to share!”