With Thinking of You Week nearly over for another year, here’s a little round up of are some of the GCA’s lovely initiatives that have helped to create our wave of love, caring and happiness this autumn.

Sharon Little, GCA CEO spoke at two different Sunday Assemblies, where she talked about how cards can be extra meaningful when reaching out to others who need help or support.

She went on to host card writing sessions over tea, in which lots of enthusiastic participants took part.

Later in the week Sharon was seen at Age UK’s Drover’s Centre in North London, co-leading a ‘reminiscences’ workshop where a group of senior citizens talked about important cards and letters they had sent and received in over their lives..


Sharon said, “Everyone told such interesting stories. I’m really delighted that wanted to write the cards and wrote some really touching cards, some of which were read out. There were three volunteers who helped some of the participants who were a bit too shaky to write the cards themselves. I also brought some of Royal Mail’s latest beautiful poppy stamps so they had the postage paid as well.”

Some of the seniors read out the cards they had written to their loved ones.

Co-leader Andrea Sinclair is pictured (left) writing a card for a gentleman who had just had his cataracts done, so couldn’t see well enough to write – and she read out his lovely poetic emotional message.

Big thanks go to Zebra Pen, who donated the pens for all the events.