Thinking of You Week 2021

by | Jun 29, 2021 | News

Thinking of You Week 2021 will be celebrated across the UK on 20th to 26th of September this year.

We are delighted that our friends in both Australia and the USA are joining us in celebrating Thinking of You Week 2021, encouraging people everywhere to share the joy of sending and receiving cards.

Now in it’s 8th year, Thinking of You Week was started by the UK Greeting Card Association in 2014.

The British are a nation of card senders, we send more cards per person than any other nation. We lead the world in design and innovation, exporting our designs and messages for people of all nationalities across the globe.

Greeting cards build relationships; sending and receiving a greeting card creates a strong connection. Our industry facilitates and celebrates positive communication between people of all backgrounds.

How to Get Involved!

The greeting card industry are already making plans for September 2021. Everyone is invited to join in, if you work for a charity or school this is an opportunity to connect your community.

We know that receiving cards creates a special connection; Thinking of You Week is about encouraging everyone to reach out to loved ones, neighbours, friends or work mates just to say “Thinking of You”!

If you’d like to get involved click here for some ideas. If you’d like to be put in touch with a local greeting card publisher or retailer to discuss an event please just contact us.

Some headlines from 2020

2020, which was a year of isolation and lockdown due to COVID-19, saw our biggest ever Thinking of You Week, with people and communities across the country sharing the joy of card sending.

Manchester greeting card and gift company Belly Button donated cards to its local hospital Manchester University NHS foundation trust, see here for more details.

Cards for Good Causes set up a dedicated Thinking of You Area on their website and also ran a prize giveaway competition, click here for details

Nottingham-based publisher The Art File celebrated by encouraging the sending of cards within the local community, tying up with a local care home and the children’s ward at the local hospital, click here for details.

See our News section for lots more stories from 2020 .

Thinking of You Week card Gallery

Please visit our Gallery to find a broad range ‘Thinking of You’ cards.

If you’d like to purchase cards from our Gallery just click on the image, and there will be a link to connect you to the publisher or retailer.