Janie Wilson donates 100’s of ‘Thinking of you’ cards

by | Jul 27, 2020 | News

Yorkshire based greeting card publisher Janie Wilson donated 100’s of  ‘Thinking of you’ cards, with stamped address envelopes, to local small business’s to send out with their orders. Business’s such as local restaurants who were providing a take away service while in lockdown, and a local farm delivering  meat directly to customers’ doorsteps.  

Business owner, Janie Wilson said “This enabled people to stay connected by writing to someone to say that they were thinking of them while they were in lockdown.  It is lovely to be able to receive a card and it means such a lot to the recipient. A good thing to come out of Covid 19 is that we have been more thoughtful towards one another and supporting our local communities which I also think that this will continue after lockdown has passed”.   https://www.janiewilson.co.uk/