Author: Mark Chapman

1980’s card brings back memories! #cardtokeep

In the 1980’s I worked as a Saturday girl in a card shop. I was thrilled to find this card, kept in a diary from that time. My diary entry explains that it was my favourite card and my best friend sent it to me without realising...

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No. 1 Daddy! #cardtokeep

Chris Bryan sent us super card! “My #cardtokeep is from my sons. I’ve had many cards from my two sons over the years (both handmade and purchased) but this is the first one that they chose in a shop for me so has a special...

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First Valentines Card…. #cardtokeep

After reading about @GCA_UK #cardtokeep campaign I was keen to share my special greeting card as I think it’s great to keep these lovely reminders and it shows how important it is, to send and receive cards..This is my first...

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Grandma’s touching message – #cardtokeep

This sweet card was sent from a loving Grandma to her Granddaughter (in fact the GCA’s Amanda Fergusson). She said that is was the last card my lovely grandma sent. Her message ended “…this card is not just for...

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A lovely #cardtokeep story

Sarah’s shared this card her favourite great aunt Doe sent her from Chester back in 1990 (Doe was in her 80s). She included a letter which was all about the Middle East crisis and the new buildings in Canary Wharf which she...

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Thinking Of You Week 2020

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